Books by Jefferson Vann


Another Bible Commentary

A devotional commentary on every passage in the Bible (based on the English Standard Version –ESV).

655 pages     Price: $4.99, US.



an Advent Christian systematic theology

Systematic Theologies answer the questions that people have about God and the universe. This book is an example of a systematic theology written from a viewpoint shared by members of the Advent Christian denomination.

881 pages     Price: $4.99, US.



           Words from the Collector

               He collected everything from money to buildings to                               women, but he is most famous for collecting wise sayings.                   His name is Solomon, and one of the books we have from                     him is called Ecclesiastes.

               This is a new translation of that Old Testament book                             Ecclesiastes, and a reader’s guide to its content.

                                                  65 pages      $5.00 US 


             Finding Gold in Genesis

                 Gold can be found throughout the pages of this book. It is a                     simple book, with a new translation of Genesis, some                                devotional thoughts, and some prayers. But there is gold                          here.  I challenge you to find it.

                 172 pages     $ 4.99 US


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