from dominating to disappearing

Joshua - 1

from dominating to disappearing

Joshua 23:7-13 (JDV)

Joshua 23:7 and so that you do not associate with these nations remaining among you. Do not call on the names of their gods or make an oath to them; do not serve them or bow in worship to them.
Joshua 23:8 Instead, be loyal to Yahveh your God, as you have been to this day.
Joshua 23:9 “Yahveh has driven out great and powerful nations before you, and no one is able to stand against you to this day.
Joshua 23:10 One of you routed a thousand because Yahveh your God was fighting for you, as he promised.
Joshua 23:11 So diligently watch yourselves! Love Yahveh your God!
Joshua 23:12 If you ever turn away and become loyal to the remainder of these nations remaining among you, and if you intermarry or partner with them and they with you,
Joshua 23:13 know for certain that Yahveh your God will not continue to drive these nations out before you. They will become a snare and a trap for you, a sharp stick for your sides and thorns in your eyes until you disappear from this good land Yahveh your God has given you.

from dominating to disappearing

The condition for continuing as a dominant force in the land was simple: stay separate from the other nations — in terms of loyalty to God alone. If the Israelites begin to blend in with their foreign neighbors, they would begin to disappear.

Each of us is heading in the right direction or the wrong one. We are either staying loyal to God or fading away.

Lord, give us the wisdom to stay different from those who are not loyal to you.

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