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sons of new oil

Zechariah 4 Joshua and Zerubbabel were the two sons of new oil, the newly reestablished priesthood and the governor will work together to see to it that God’s light continues to shine.  The obstacles will be removed not by the … Continue reading

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new clothes

Zechariah 3 As soon as God decided to bring revival, Satan showed up to accuse the temple leaders of being unworthy to lead it.  The LORD shows Zechariah a vision in which Joshua, the high priest, is clothed in clean … Continue reading

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raised and reigning

Acts 3-4:31 Another miracle begins this section of Acts: the healing of a lame beggar.  His obvious healing brings the crowds back to hear Peter and John, and they make a point of saying that it is God’s power, not … Continue reading

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the two questions of Pentecost

Acts 2 When Jesus poured out his Holy Spirit on the believers at Pentecost, a special miracle happened.  Jews who were drawn to the commotion heard the gospel being proclaimed in their vernacular heart-languages.  They were amazed and perplexed, and … Continue reading

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fleeing the land of the north

Zechariah 1:18-2:13 Those who scattered Judah will themselves be shaken, and the people will return to a city protected by the LORD himself.  Those who have been living in Babylon are told to flee from that land of the north, … Continue reading

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horse patrol

Zechariah 1:1-17 The four horses of Zechariah may represent the races of the nations surrounding Jerusalem and Judah.  Their riders go out in each direction, spying out the lands.  They see that the Gentile nations are at rest.  They report … Continue reading

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watch this

Haggai 2 Haggai’s instruction was for the people to mark this day on the calendar, and watch what God was going to do.  He was going to reverse the curse, and shake the nations until riches and blessing fell upon … Continue reading

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revival sparked by rebuke

Haggai 1 This revival of interest in the things of God happened because Haggai, the messenger (Mal’ak) dared to confront a complacent people with God’s message (mal’akut), and the people came and worked (mela’kah) on rebuilding the temple.  God’s Spirit … Continue reading

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the city with twelve gates

Ezekiel 47:13-48:35 The vision and book concludes with a detailed description of the whole land, with its territories equally divided among the tribes of Israel, and with Gentile sojourners as incorporated within the nation.  Only one city is seen: the … Continue reading

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water flowing to the sea

Ezekiel 47:1-12 Water trickles out of the temple, but as it flows, it gets deeper.  That water brings life and health to all it touches, salts the earth, produces many fish, and abundant fruit.  Every image of this vision is … Continue reading

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