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locked and loaded

  Psalm 37:14-15 Psalm 37:14 The wicked have drawn the sword and strung the bow to bring down the poor and needy and to slaughter those whose journey is upright. Psalm 37:15 Their swords will enter their own hearts, and … Continue reading

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the day of reckoning is coming

  Psalm 37:12-13 Psalm 37:12 The wicked person schemes against the righteous and gnashes his teeth at him. Psalm 37:13 The Lord laughs at him because he sees that his day is coming. the day of reckoning is coming The … Continue reading

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not be there

  Psalm 37:10-11 Psalm 37:10 A little while, and the wicked person will be no more; though you look out for him, he will not be there. Psalm 37:11 But the humble will inherit the land and will enjoy abundant … Continue reading

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giving up my rage

  Psalm 37:8-9 Psalm 37:8 Refrain from anger and give up your rage; do not be furious – it can only bring harm Psalm 37:9 because evildoers will be destroyed, but those who put their hope in Yahveh will inherit … Continue reading

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my journey in his hands

Psalm 37:5-7 Psalm 37:5 Commit your journey to Yahveh; trust in him, and he will act, Psalm 37:6 making your righteousness shine like the dawn, your justice like the noonday. Psalm 37:7 Be silent before Yahveh and wait expectantly for … Continue reading

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trust and enjoy

  Psalm 37:3-4 Psalm 37:3 Trust in Yahveh and do what is good; dwell in the land and live securely. Psalm 37:4 Enjoy Yahveh, and he will give you your heart’s desires. trust and enjoy The previous section warned that … Continue reading

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deceptive plants

  Psalm 37:1-2 Psalm 37:11 Do not be furious because of evildoers; do not envy those who do wrong Psalm 37:2 because they are cut off quickly like grass and wilt like tender green plants. deceptive plants When we encounter … Continue reading

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a protective cover

  Psalm 36:10-12 Psalm 36:10 Spread your covenant faithfulness over those who know you, and your righteousness over the upright in heart. Psalm 36:11 Do not let the foot of the arrogant come near me or the hand of the … Continue reading

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the wellspring of life

  Psalm 36:5-9 Psalm 36:5 Yahveh, your covenant faithfulness reaches to the sky, your faithfulness to the clouds. Psalm 36:6 Your righteousness is like the highest mountains, your judgments like the deepest sea. Yahveh, you preserve people and animals. Psalm … Continue reading

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wrong road

  Psalm 36:1-4 Psalm 36:11 An inspired message within my heart concerning the rebellion of the wicked person: Dread of God has no effect on him Psalm 36:2 because with his smooth opinion of himself, he cannot find and hate … Continue reading

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