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the days of vengeance

Luke 21.  In this eschatological sermon Jesus mixes some predictions of  immanent “days of vengeance” upon Jerusalem (22) with a description of the long age preceding his second coming (8-9).  He does this intentionally because the two events are related. … Continue reading

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temporary or permanent

Luke 20:45-21:6.  Jesus could see beyond the temporary. He warned people not to be taken in by the pomp of the scribes, because their glory was cheap and temporary. He commended a poor widow who gave a measly two copper … Continue reading

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afraid of a little theology?

Luke 19:47-20:44.  You have probably encountered some theological questions. These are questions that arise out of interpreting a text of scripture or trying to explain a mystery of the faith. As Jesus was making his last efforts to reach the … Continue reading

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from shame to glory

Genesis 27:1-40.  The story is not flattering to Jacob. It serves no historical purpose in the narrative of Genesis other than to explain why he inherited the blessing of sovereignty over Esau, who was the literal firstborn. The Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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2 Chronicles 2.  Solomon continued the policy of his father by enlisting the help of Hiram, king of Tyre. David had purchased raw material for the temple, and Solomon procured more of the same, and also skilled craftsmen. It is … Continue reading

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sharing his touch

Luke 18:31-19:27.  On his way to be Jerusalem where his will be beaten and killed — Jesus stops to heal a blind man, and to bring reconciliation to Zacchaeus. He is still involved in his mission to seek and to … Continue reading

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why is this happening to me?

Genesis 25:21-23.  Rebekah asked that question. All of us do. We should not be ashamed of questioning God when something in our lives does not seem to make sense. Many of the problems and trials we face are outside of … Continue reading

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getting to God

Luke 18.  Sometimes getting to God in prayer seems like a futile task. The temptation to give up is so strong.  But Jesus taught that persistent prayer breaks through to God, because he is not like the unrighteous judge. He … Continue reading

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where are the nine?

Luke 17:11-37.  Luke relates a story about ten lepers whom Jesus healed. Only one of the ten turned back to give thanks when he realized he was healed. Perhaps Luke saw a connection between that event and what Jesus proclaimed … Continue reading

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false security

Luke 16. Jesus’ parables in this chapter are all directed toward the elite sect of the Pharisees, who trusted in their personal wealth as a sign that they were in God’s favour. Jesus said that the Pharisees justify themselves before … Continue reading

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