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the Holy Spirit and Satan’s demands

Luke 22:1-46.  When Jesus told Peter that “Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you as wheat” (31) – the “you” is plural.  He was referring to all the disciples.  Already, Satan had entered into Judas Iscariot, and … Continue reading

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the Holy Spirit helps us wait

Luke 20:45-21:38.  Luke’s rendering of the eschatological discourse has Jesus predicting two major events: the days of vengeance that will lead to the desolation of Jerusalem (20-22) and the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great … Continue reading

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insight from the Holy Spirit

Luke 19:45-20:44.  Jesus’ teachings and the answers he gave to those who were purposely trying to “catch him in something he said” reveal an insight that goes beyond education.  This insight is available to believers as well.  We need merely … Continue reading

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emotions from the Holy Spirit

Luke 19:28-44.  Two emotions are expressed in this passage.  First, the spontaneous joy that the disciples felt as they introduced Jerusalem to its king.  When the Pharisees objected to this display, Jesus told them that “if these were silent, the … Continue reading

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the business of the Holy Spirit

Luke 18:31-19:27.   In the parable Jesus told, the wicked servant is condemned by the nobleman because he did not do business with what was left with him.  What was this business, and why did Jesus condemn this generation for refusing … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit and spiritual clout

Luke 18:1-30.   How much spiritual maturity does it take to enter the kingdom of God?  Jesus told his disciples not to rebuke the parents who brought even infants to him for his blessing.  He said “to such belongs the kingdom … Continue reading

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the age of the Holy Spirit

Luke 17:11-37.   Jesus heals ten lepers, and only one comes back to give thanks.  Jesus takes note that this man is not a Jew, but a foreigner – a Samaritan.  His point is that the Jews should have recognized that … Continue reading

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the Holy Spirit, the law, and the gospel

Luke 16:1-17:10.   The rich men of Jesus’ day had created a religion that mocked the purposes of God.  They narrowly defined the law into traditions amenable to the rich alone, then forced strict obedience to that narrow tradition.  But Jesus … Continue reading

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the Holy Spirit draws the lost

Luke 15.   In a series of three parables, Jesus responds to those who object to his acceptance of the tax collectors and sinners.  In each parable, someone seeks something lost [a sheep (3-7), a coin (8-10), and a son (11-32)].  … Continue reading

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renouncing all for the Holy Spirit

Luke 14.  Genuine discipleship is free to all by God’s grace.  It is bought by the sacrificial death of Christ on the cross, and offered freely to all by those who proclaim the gospel of the kingdom (24).  But we … Continue reading

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