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a legacy of peace

1 Kings 22:41-53 Two kings are compared.  Each is said to carry on the traditions of his father: one evil, one good.  Yet there was one thing Jehoshaphat was known for. He had made peace with the king of Israel.  … Continue reading

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theological consensus

1 Kings 22 The theological consensus that existed among the prophets of Israel in the time of Ahab was not unity.  It was mutual deception. Some wanted to believe that there would be victory against Syria.  Others (at least Micaiah) … Continue reading

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simple desires

1 Kings 21 The tragedy that cursed Ahab’s house and ended up costing Naboth his life began as a simple desire.  Pride, a feeling of entitlement, and weakness combined within Ahab.  Jezebel did his dirty work for him, but God … Continue reading

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the price of presumption

1 Kings 20 The most amazing part of this whole story is that the LORD had condescended to back king Ahab.  He was a selfish and evil man.  But the LORD chose to give him victory over a greater army … Continue reading

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a gentle whisper

1 Kings 19 Certainly God caused the wind, the earthquake, and the raging fire, but that was not the message God wanted to give Elijah.  He was in the gentle whisper, and the refreshing cakes, and the restful sleep.  Even … Continue reading

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limping prophets

1 Kings 18: 20-46  Apparently the prophets of Baal made a little limp as part of their ritual dance when performing their sacrifices.  Elijah took advantage of this peculiarity and asked the people how long they would limp between two … Continue reading

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courage to act

1 Kings 18:1-19 Elijah determines that the time for hiding is over.  It is now time for a confrontation.  Sometimes safety is the best that you can ask for.  But when the Holy Spirit is ready for a show-down, the … Continue reading

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submitting to the stretch

1 Kings 17 Both Elijah and the widow of Zarephath learn the same lesson.  God will miraculously provide if need exists, but he might also occasionally place his children in a position where their faith is stretched.  He does this … Continue reading

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the LORD watching

1 Kings 15:25-16:34 A long succession of apostate and violent kings ends with the worst of them all: Ahab.  Each line sought to outdo themselves in bringing in more bloodshed and idolatry.  Most were assassinated, and the assassin became king … Continue reading

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a hero among zeroes

1 Kings 14:21-15:24 Just when you think things are never going to get better for this divided nation, king Asa appears.  He makes attempts to defeat the idolatry that was destroying his people, and invests in the protection of Judah … Continue reading

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