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marked off in the map

Ezekiel 21 One of the prophecies here depicts Nebuchadnezzar using several means of divination to decide where to attack next.  He decides to follow the sign, and attack Jerusalem.  In doing so, he is following a path marked off in … Continue reading

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intervention failed

Ezekiel 20 A group of elders make an appointment with Ezekiel in order to consult with him.  They hope that their obvious display of solidarity and authority will take this errant prophet off guard and that he will come to … Continue reading

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power politics

Ezekiel 19 Ezekiel describes what the ESV Study Bible calls Zedekiah’s last attempts at “power politics”  which end in “disaster.”  Showing one’s strength only works if there is something that goes beyond the strength.  Judah had depleted its spiritual reserves, … Continue reading

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restoring souls

Ezekiel 18 Some take this passage as a philosophical bashing of collectivist cultures, among whom were the Israelites.  But the key to understanding the LORD’s complaint is that his people were blaming God for their sin.  They were saying that … Continue reading

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first resort

Ezekiel 17 All is not fair in war.  After Judah’s defeat and exile in Babylon, the king broke his agreement with Nebuchadnezzar by seeking help from Egypt.  The LORD held this against Judah.  To break a covenant with the nation … Continue reading

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abandoned and restored

Ezekiel 16 Through this long allegory, the LORD explains his relationship with his people.  It was an act of grace by which the LORD rescued Israel as an abandoned infant, and brought her up, removing her shame.  He brought her … Continue reading

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big three

Ezekiel 14-15 In both of these chapters the LORD responds to those of his people who think they are something.  He is warning them that even the big three (Noah, Daniel & Job) would not cause God to change his … Continue reading

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false visions and divination

Ezekiel 13 The problem was more than simply people saying what they wanted to say.  Ezekiel was addressing full blown animism – folk religion among the people of God.  The false visions came from unclean spirits, and the magic bands … Continue reading

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times far off

Ezekiel 12 One of the excuses the Israelites used to remain in their sin was that Ezekiel’s prophecies were all for times far off, that nothing was going to be fulfilled in their lifetime.  The LORD countered with the threat … Continue reading

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hearts of stone

Ezekiel 11:14-25 The glory of the LORD is departing Jerusalem, but with a promise to return when the exiles return, with a new heart and spirit of obedience and authenticity.  They will have hearts of flesh instead of stone. He … Continue reading

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