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for such a time as this

Esther 4 An enemy has convinced the king to make a decree that could result in the extermination of her people.  Queen Esther is in turmoil.  Interceding for her people could cost her life, because the law prohibits approaching the … Continue reading

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Psalm 90  Moses highlights our dependence upon God and his sovereignty over all humanity in this prayer by using the same word in two different senses. The word is RETURN! First, Moses shows our dependence upon God for life by … Continue reading

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the first Kristallnacht

Esther 3 Haman was busy planning the first Kristallnacht, and there seemed to be no stopping him.  His jealousy and hatred of Mordecai had warped his conscience, and he thought it only rational to get even with his enemy, Mordecai, … Continue reading

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tick tock

Psalm 89 The psalmist is absolutely sure of his theology. He knows that the greatness of God is beyond that of any other being.  He knows that God will do what is right, and that God’s moral integrity is matchless.  … Continue reading

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what Mordecai knew

Esther 2 Mordecai knew the sadness and loneliness of a little orphan girl named Hadassah.  He loved his niece, and made a home for her in his home. Mordecai knew the secret of who queen Esther was.  He felt prompted … Continue reading

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already dead

Psalm 88 The psalmist cries out to God regularly, and plans to keep doing so, but he is close to giving up hope.  He feels that God is not listening, as if he has already joined the dead in a … Continue reading

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two wrongs

Esther 1 This story explains how the vacancy in the Persian royal family came about.  Readers today can be tempted to take sides in the dispute between the  king and queen, but the truth is that they were both probably … Continue reading

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born there

Psalm 87 Jerusalem is celebrated because of its glorious future.  It will some day be said that people from all the nations will be “born there.”  The psalm speaks in faith of a time when Jerusalem is seen as the … Continue reading

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cleansing again

Nehemiah 13 Nehemiah’s life story ends with one more attempt to cleanse the temple, much like the life story of Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 29).  The temple was significant because it represented the presence of God before men.  The church – … Continue reading

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God alone among the Gods

Psalm 86 This psalm seems to contradict itself, because it praises God for being unlike any of the other gods, and then states that the LORD alone is God.  The other gods are spirit beings who attempt to control the … Continue reading

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