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cleansing again

Nehemiah 13 Nehemiah’s life story ends with one more attempt to cleanse the temple, much like the life story of Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 29).  The temple was significant because it represented the presence of God before men.  The church – … Continue reading

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tithing the tithe

Nehemiah 10 The people swear an oath of loyalty to the covenant, agreeing to do what the law requires.  Among the requirements of this commitment was to give a tithe, and a tithe of the tithe went to the chambers … Continue reading

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true confessions

Nehemiah 9 This long confession gives readers insight into what God wants of us when we come to him.  Often our confessions seem empty and selfish.  We know more about our failures and needs than God’s desires.  After hearing God’s … Continue reading

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joy through understanding

Nehemiah 8 Restoration is not possible without being confronted by the revelation – God’s word, his law.  Yet the LORD never intends those who will be involved in restoration to stop at the mourning phase.  When God intercedes by his … Continue reading

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transition time

Nehemiah 7 This chapter is mostly made up of a list that already appeared in Ezra.  It fits in Nehemiah’s story because it records the people who came back from exile.  After the construction of the wall for defense, it … Continue reading

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Nehemiah 6 Nehemiah speaks here of numerous attempts to make him afraid.  The non-Israelite leaders of the land were themselves afraid that God would empower Nehemiah to lead a rebellion.  They also feared the policy against intermarriage which had been … Continue reading

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ending exploitation

Nehemiah 5 Everyone knew that the commitment to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls would involve hardship.  What they did not count on, however, was the exploitation of the Jewish nobles and officials.  They were taking advantage of the situation to exact interest … Continue reading

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working in spite of challenges

Nehemiah 4 It was not easy doing the right thing.  The builders had every reason to abandon the mission, and every enticement to return to the way things were.  The threat of attack reduced by half the amount of people … Continue reading

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Nehemiah 3 This list of those who repaired and rebuilt the city walls tells of some who refused to follow Nehemiah’s lead. Maybe they thought they had good excuses.  It also tells of Shallum, whose daughters stepped up and worked … Continue reading

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dare to repair

Nehemiah 2 God’s hand was in the work, the people wanted to do the work, and God strengthened their hands for the work.  Yet, there was opposition.  Such will always be the case when we want to restore what has … Continue reading

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