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by popular demand

Judges 10:1-11:3 The difference between this narrative and the others in Judges is that Jepthah’s judgeship seems to be initiated by the people, and God endorses it with his favor.  We should not be afraid of doing something that has … Continue reading

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The curse of Jotham

Judges 9 This passage illustrates the aftermath of Gideon’s failure to bring lasting peace.  His son Abimelech deals treacherously and murders his brothers. Jotham escapes, and calls down a curse upon Abimelech and the town of Shechem.  God honors the … Continue reading

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the leader whose slip was showing

Judges 8 Gideon refused to be proclaimed king, telling the people that the LORD shall rule over them.  But everything he did in later life smacked of apostasy and selfishness.    His retribution against those cities that did not support … Continue reading

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The LORD’s turn to test

Judges 7 Gideon had amassed a considerable army with which he intended to come against the Midianites.  But God told him to reduce the number.  When the army was reduced to a mere 300 men, God was satisfied, by Gideon … Continue reading

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putting out the fleece

Judges 6 If you want to use this passage as a proof-text for testing the LORD to see if he is in something you are planning, or to determine whether a certain option is his will or not – go … Continue reading

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Judges 5 Deborah and Barak’s song celebrates the victory over Sisera and his army.  It was a victory that soldier and civilian cooperated to gain. Even the LORD cooperated by providing a rainstorm which produced a flooded wadi. LORD, help … Continue reading

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courageous women

Judges 4 Deborah and Jael are examples of courageous women who stepped outside the boundaries of cultural expectations to follow the LORD wherever he took them.  For Deborah, it was a gift of prophecy that led her to step into … Continue reading

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sin, bondage, warfare, rest

Judges 3:7-31 The cycle was sin, bondage, warfare, rest for a number of years, and then sin again.  God raised up warriors who executed his judgment upon the oppressors, but it was the idolatry of the people that caused the … Continue reading

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for the testing of Israel

Judges 2:1-3:6 The nations left in the land after Joshua’s death were instruments of the LORD, testing Israel.  Would God’s people honor him and his words alone?  There are many around us today who are serving the same purpose.  They … Continue reading

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setting the stage

Judges 1 The ESV Study Bible writes “The military encounters here are reminders that the peace at the end of the book of Joshua was short-lived. Judah was given a leadership role, and they allied with Simeon against the remaining … Continue reading

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