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he is coming soon

Rev.22:6-21.  Because Jesus is coming soon, what he has revealed about our future is important. His words must be kept (7).  Because Jesus is coming soon, what a person does is important. He will bring his recompense with him, to … Continue reading

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new heavens and new earth

Isaiah 65; Rev. 21-22:5. Both prophets see visions of a new heaven and a new earth. Isaiah condemns his listeners because they did not respond to God’s call, so they will experience judgment, not the promised blessing. Instead, the blessing … Continue reading

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the last enemy

Rev. 20. Before the LORD makes all things new, he must destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8), and ultimately the devil himself (Ezek. 28:18). His place is the lake of fire, which is the second death. But … Continue reading

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two feasts

Rev. 19.  Verses 1-10 are the final words of one vision (or section), and the rest of chapter 19 are the beginning of another. They speak of two events which are depicted as feasts. The first feast is the Marriage … Continue reading

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Babylon will fall

Rev. 18.  The great city of Babylon had been laid to waste for centuries when John received this vision.  Yet the vision warns people to come out of her, because being in Babylon means taking part in her sins, and … Continue reading

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the logic of faith

Psalm 146.  The LORD is the creator, the One who brings justice, setting prisoners free, healing the blind, lifting up those who are bowed down, loving the righteous, watching over the sojourners, upholding the widow and the fatherless, reigning forever. … Continue reading

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being his answer

Isaiah 58.  God said that his people sought him daily and delighted to know his ways, but it — like their fasts — was pretentious. The fast was pure animistic ritual. They thought that if they only got the ceremony … Continue reading

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all nations will come and worship

Rev. 15:2-4.  When all is said and done, there will be worship of the LORD. We will finally realize what God has been doing — when his righteous acts have been revealed. We will see that his deeds have been … Continue reading

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the dead who die in the Lord

Rev. 14.  John in exile on Patmos had much time to reflect. He thought about the choices that he had made in his life, and the results of those choices.  When he had the choice to give in to the … Continue reading

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the old fashioned way

Job 31. Job’s final appeal to his comforter-accusers reveal a high standard of integrity before God. Long before the law given at Sinai, the Creator imprinted on the human heart a law that teaches us faithfulness in marriage (1), business … Continue reading

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