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but first

Isaiah 52:13-53:12.  The Servant shall be high and lifted up and exalted (52:13).  But first he will be despised and rejected by men (53:3). Kings shall shut their mouths because of him (52:15). But first he must go to the … Continue reading

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Rev. 11.  There is a great deal of variety in the interpretation of the symbols presented in this chapter, but  its interpretation is clear enough that we can derive comfort.  As believers witness to the truth of the gospel, we … Continue reading

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the sweet burden

Rev. 10:8-11.  An angel is about to announce what is going to take place on earth and the sea, as orchestrated from heaven (so the angel’s stance indicates). The scroll is the message that the angel is to announce. John … Continue reading

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the servant who laboured in vain

Isaiah 49:1-7.  Here is a prediction of a peculiar type. The prophet looks into the future and sees a man who was formed by the LORD in his mother’s womb (5) and called and named while in the womb (1).  … Continue reading

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the burdens of Bel and Nebo

Isaiah 46:1-47:15.   The gods of the Babylonians had their day.  They thought that they had exalted the empire (the daughter of Babylon) to everlasting prominence (47:7). But the LORD reveals through the prophet that it was HE who had allowed … Continue reading

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taking Cyrus by the hand

Isaiah 45.  The great empire of Babylon — that impenetrable fortress that conquered the earth — was itself to be conquered.  The prophet not only knew that this was going to happen, he knew how it was to happen . … Continue reading

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a lie in my right hand

Isaiah 44:9-20.  Those who make idols become useless like them (Psalm 135:15-18).  God shuts their eyes and hearts so that they do not see that there is a lie in their right hand. An idol is something that you decide … Continue reading

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a new thing

Isaiah 43:16-44:5.  When the Israelites remembered all the miracles God did to deliver them, they never failed to remember when he made a “way in the sea path in the mighty waters” (43:16).  He opened the Red Sea and allowed … Continue reading

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he knows your works

Rev. 3.  Oh, Church of Jesus Christ. The One who saved you by his grace is very interested in the quality of your works (1,8,15). He has not found them complete (2). He sees you doing those things that enhance … Continue reading

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if the earmuffs fit…

Rev. 2.  Four churches. Each is in the Roman province of Asia Minor. Each has to deal with serious problems within its fellowship. False apostles and false prophets. Spiritual fatigue. False accusations. Jesus does not promise to rescue them from … Continue reading

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