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John 19:28-30. In ancient times, those who committed crimes not worthy of death might be fined heavily. If they were unable to pay the debt, they would be placed in prison. They would be given a hand-bill that stated the … Continue reading

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God’s restoring grace

Psalm 119:1-88.  I thought that Psalm 119 was a praise poem by someone who consistently followed the scriptures, and was boasting about it. I was wrong. These are the words of a sinner, who was afflicted (50,67,71,75). Perhaps because of … Continue reading

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resurrection joy, resurrection prayer, resurrection peace

John 16. The difference between sorrow and joy for the disciples would be the resurrection (21-22).  That event would give them courage to pray in Christ’s name to the Father and have fullness of joy because of that divine connection … Continue reading

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do the right thing – come what may

2 Kings 23.  Josiah did more to restore Judah than any of the kings that had come before him. He not only destroyed idols and places of idolatry, but he also reestablished the Passover, which had been neglected since the … Continue reading

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faithfulness or fruitfulness?

John 15:1-17.  As long as the branches remain connected to the vine, fruit should be the automatic result. If anything  keeps a branch from bearing fruit, the Father will bring out the pruning shears and remove it.  The fruit is … Continue reading

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love triangle

John 14:21-24.  Keeping Christ’s commandments are the evidence of a divine three-way relationship between the believer, Christ, and the Father. Each side in the triangle is love. Obedient believers love Christ. Christ loves them, and the Father loves them. Jesus … Continue reading

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washing your betrayer’s feet

John 13.  Jesus loved his disciples “to the end” (1).  He washed the feet of all of them – those who would soon run away from him and deny their allegiance to him — even the one who would betray … Continue reading

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harvest joy!

Isaiah 9:2-7.  The prophet foresaw a time when Galilee will lose its contempt and replace it with glory. They will lose their darkness and replace it with light. They will lose their oppression and gain a peace so strong that … Continue reading

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The young donkey’s day

John 12:12-16. Gentleness and power were not always opposite concepts. In ancient times, a conquering king would often ride into his newly acquired land on a humble animal as a way of flaunting his power. It showed that all resistance … Continue reading

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lions in the land

2 Kings 17:24-41.  After Assyria conquered the cities of Samaria, they established colonies there with exiles from various other conquered nations. These nations brought their own idols, and served them. To protect them from a sudden infestation of lions, they … Continue reading

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