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silent glory

Psalm 30 David pleas for God to have mercy on him and protect him from immanent death.  He argues to God: “What good is is for you if I die and return to the dust? That dust is not going … Continue reading

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something magnificent

2 Chronicles 4 Reading these descriptions of the temple is like watching the special features of an epic movie.  You can’t really appreciate the “how we made it” if you did not see the movie itself.  The readers who first … Continue reading

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if we could see

Psalm 29 If we could see all that the LORD is doing right now across the globe and throughout the universe, then we would spontaneously worship, just as the angels in heaven do.  We have blinded ourselves with limited and … Continue reading

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an audience of one

2 Chronicles 3 Some of the things described in this chapter would have been evident for every Israelite visiting the temple area: the massive size of the temple area, the intricately detailed workmanship.  But some of the items would never … Continue reading

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pleas for mercy

Psalm 28 David dares to ask God to act justly and drag off his hypocritical enemies.  But for himself, he pleas for mercy. When God grants him victory over his enemies, he praises God who has heard his pleas for … Continue reading

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win – win

2 Chronicles 2 The building projects imagined by David and launched by Solomon were more than just personal dreams.  They were a political success because they solidified trade agreements between the nations.  They were a social success because the provided … Continue reading

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bring it on

Psalm 27 This is a song of a man, and a people, who have many reasons to fear. However, they have one great reason not to fear: their relationship with the LORD.  The evildoers, adversaries, foes, armies, war, day of … Continue reading

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good sense

2 Chronicles 1 The Bible contains many examples of Solomon’s wisdom, but the most important lesson anyone can learn about wisdom is what Solomon demonstrates here.  James 1:5 instructs believers that they should ask for wisdom, and that is what … Continue reading

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after grace

Psalm 26 This is a prayer from a man who expect the God of justice to act, sweeping away sinners.  Instead of asking God to prevent him from ever experiencing difficulty, David asks God to prove, try and test him … Continue reading

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full of honor

1 Chronicles 29:22-30 After a 40 year reign, David dies “at a good old age, full of days, riches, and honor (28).  Most of us would settle for either one of those legacies.  Which is the most important?  Without honor, … Continue reading

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