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Psalm 119:89-176 Numerous times in this passage, the psalmist prays for understanding.  Understanding will keep his soul alive (144, 175).  Here is a believer, and a disciple.  He does not simply trust the LORD for some future destiny, he clings … Continue reading

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returning to Zion

Isaiah 35 Isaiah’s message was not that the ransomed of the LORD were to be whisked off to heaven.  They were going to return to Zion with everlasting joy.  Jesus’ first ministry on earth was a foretaste of the kind … Continue reading

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teach me

Psalm 119:1-88 Lammdeni – Teach me.  The psalmist repeats that plea eleven times in this psalm – seven times in this section.  He is convinced that there is a purpose for life, but that he will not learn that purpose … Continue reading

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destruction, then emptiness

Isaiah 33-34 God has a plan for Assyria and Edom.  It is destruction and then emptiness.  The image of an unquenched fire, with smoke going up forever – leads to the resulting image of confusion and emptiness (34:10-11).  The New … Continue reading

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celebrating rescue

Psalm 118 What day should we be rejoicing over?  The popular chorus has us rejoicing merely because it is today.  To me, that is just taking words out of their context.  The text appears to give us two other options.  … Continue reading

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God’s solution

Isaiah 30:18-32:20 The prophet’s words to his people predict a disaster that will befall the land, destroying the power of Assyria, and showing that Egypt cannot be relied on for help either.  After the disaster comes, peace will once again … Continue reading

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oasis of consistency

Psalm 117 We live in a world where everything changes, so drastically and quickly that our visions of the future cannot keep up.  Is there anything that is constant?  Yes, says the psalmist.  The steadfast love of the LORD toward … Continue reading

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upside down worldviews

Isaiah 29:1-30:17 The people would not inquire of the LORD nor listen to his prophet. Their worldview was upside down. They were God’s creation, yet they regarded him as the thing created. Listen, secular humanists and Marxists! They were made … Continue reading

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Psalm 116 The psalmist reflects on his past difficulties – how he prayed for God to rescue him from death, and God responded and did just that.  He concludes that to the LORD, the death of his saints is precious.  … Continue reading

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a strange deed

Isaiah 28 The prophet predicted that the LORD was going to do a strange deed. “For (says Wesley) this work of bringing total destruction upon Israel, was contrary to the benignity of his own nature, and the usual way of … Continue reading

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