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his voice and his arm

Isaiah 30:29-33 29 There will be a song for you as at night when a holy festival is kept, and a gladness of heart like one who goes with the flute, to go to the mountain of Yahveh, to the … Continue reading

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winnowing out worthlessness

Isaiah 30:23-28 23 And he will give rain for your seed which you plant in the ground, and grain, the produce of the ground, and it will be rich and full. On that day, your cattle will graze in a … Continue reading

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from riches to rags

Isaiah 30:19-22 19 Because a people will live in Zion; in Jerusalem, you will not keep on weeping. Surely he will be gracious to you; when he hears the sound of your cry, he will answer you. 20 And the … Continue reading

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when running away is wrong

Isaiah 30:15-18 15 Because the Lord Yahveh, the holy one of Israel, said this: “By returning and resting you will be delivered; your strength will be shown by quietness and by trust.” But you were not willing, 16 and you … Continue reading

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Isaiah 30:12-14 12 For this reason, the holy one of Israel says this: “Because you sit there rejecting this word and you trust in oppression and wrongdoing and you rely on it, 13 for this reason, injustice will come for … Continue reading

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speak comfortable things

Isaiah 30:6-11 6 A parable using the animals of the Negev: From a land of trouble and distress, lioness and lion come, from them snake and flying serpent; they carry their possessions on the male donkeys’ shoulder and their treasures … Continue reading

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listening to the relics

Isaiah 30:1-5 1 “Oh rebellious children!” (a declaration of Yahveh), “making a plan, but not from me, and pouring out a libation, but not to my Spirit, for the sake of adding sin to sin… 2 going to go down … Continue reading

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God’s solution

Isaiah 30:18-32:20 The prophet’s words to his people predict a disaster that will befall the land, destroying the power of Assyria, and showing that Egypt cannot be relied on for help either.  After the disaster comes, peace will once again … Continue reading

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upside down worldviews

Isaiah 29:1-30:17 The people would not inquire of the LORD nor listen to his prophet. Their worldview was upside down. They were God’s creation, yet they regarded him as the thing created. Listen, secular humanists and Marxists! They were made … Continue reading

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