listening to the relics

April 2015 (25)Isaiah 30:1-5

1 “Oh rebellious children!” (a declaration of Yahveh), “making a plan, but not from me, and pouring out a libation, but not to my Spirit, for the sake of adding sin to sin… 2 going to go down to Egypt, but they do not enquire of my mouth, to take refuge in the protection of Pharaoh and to take refuge in the shadow of Egypt. 3 Then the protection of Pharaoh will cause shame to you, and the refuge in the shadow of Egypt, humiliation. 4 Because his officials are at Zoan, and his envoys reach to Hanes. 5 Everyone will start to stink because of a people who cannot profit them, not for help and not for profiting, but for shame and also for disgrace.”

listening to the relics

The politicians and strategists in Judah had determined that an alliance with Egypt would help to stabilize the insecure situation. So, they made plans to procure diplomatic relations with that foreign power. But they failed to enquire of the prophets of Yahveh. They assumed that the prophets of Yahveh were relics, religious old timers, who had no real practical advice to give. But Isaiah, one of those relics, told them that the plan was a mistake. Nobody listened, but he was right.

Our generation is just like that. They have a number of prophets who are speaking God’s word, but they have their own plans, and refuse to listen to the relics. Some of those new plans will lead to shame and humiliation for whole societies.

LORD, give us the wisdom to listen to those who are warning us against ignoring or rejecting your word.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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