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Exodus: God saw and knew

Exodus 2:23-3:22    40 years in the Midian desert taught Moses that he was not qualified for the mission God was sending him on. Let us not think that this was false modesty on Moses’ part. It was recognition that the … Continue reading

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Exodus: opportunities

Exodus 1:22-2:22     Certain events take place in our lives that present opportunities for us to act — to make a difference. Pharaoh saw an opportunity to prevent rebellion among the Hebrews. Jochebed saw an opportunity to rescue her son from … Continue reading

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Exodus: The flip-side of blessing

Exodus 1:1-21    The climate in Egypt had turned from favor to fear. God continued to bless the Israelites by making them numerous and strong, and it was that very strength that set the stage for slavery and conflict. Perhaps the … Continue reading

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Joseph: key to forgiveness

Genesis 50:15-26    Knowing that Joseph had appealed to Jacob’s authority before Pharaoh, his brothers sought to do the same thing to prevent Joseph’s revenge. But they did not have to. Joseph had already forgiven them. Even though he acknowledged that … Continue reading

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Joseph: permission for a funeral

Genesis 50:1-14     Joseph appeals to Pharaoh’s household for permission to go and bury his father outside Egypt. He makes it clear that he is doing this at the request of Jacob himself. Calvin asserts that this was Joseph’s way of … Continue reading

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Jacob: blessing his sons, gathered to his people

Genesis 49.  This passage reveals the strong connection that Jacob had with his sons. He knew them — their spiritual character. He had been given insight into their destiny. He also felt a spiritual connection with his loved ones who … Continue reading

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Joseph: the legacy of Israel

Genesis 47:27-48:22 In his parting days, Jacob seeks a promise from Joseph that he would not be buried in Egypt. He knows that their stay in Egypt was God’s will, but only his temporary will. Later he blessed Joseph’s two … Continue reading

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Joseph: humility and integrity

Genesis 47:13-26. The story of Joseph is more than how he saved his family from drought and brought them to Egypt. He shows humility and absence of greed when he continues to serve Pharaoh even when he holds the fate … Continue reading

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Joseph: grace and integrity

Genesis 46:1-47:12.    Joseph’s integrity was such that – in spite of the fact that Egyptians despised shepherds – Pharaoh gave Jacob and his family the best of the land.  Also, Pharaoh ordered that Joseph appoint someone in his family to … Continue reading

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Joseph: sent on a mission

Genesis 45.  Joseph’s revelation of himself before his brothers could definitely have gone another way.  He could have used the opportunity to inflict terror and vengeance upon them.  Instead, he shows godly consideration.  He removes all the bystanders so that … Continue reading

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