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Exit hour

John 13:1-3 Joh 13:1 Before the Passover Festival, Jesus, having known that his hour came to exit from this world to the Father. Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the last. Joh 13:2 … Continue reading

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safety in the Son

John 10:26-30 26 But you aren’t believing because you are not from my sheep. 27 My sheep are listening to my voice, I know them, and they follow me. 28 I am also giving them permanent life, and they will … Continue reading

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gospel lessons in the temple

John 8:48-59 48 The Jews answered and said to him, “Aren’t we saying it right that you’re a Samaritan and have a demon?” 49 Jesus answered”I do not have a demon, but I am honoring my Father and you are … Continue reading

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what my sender wants

what my sender wants Devotions from Jefferson Vann # 2407 John 6:34-40 Joh 6:34 Then they said to him, “Sir, always give to us this bread .” Joh 6:35 Jesus told them “I am the bread of life. The one … Continue reading

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last climb

last climb devotions from Jefferson Vann # 2326 Numbers 20:22-29 Num 20:22 And they journeyed from Kadesh, and the people of Israel, the whole congregation, came to Mount Hor. Num 20:23 And Yahveh said to Moses and Aaron at Mount … Continue reading

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looking beyond death

devotions from Jefferson Vann # 2323 Numbers 19:14-22 Num 19:14 “This is the law when a human dies in a tent: everyone who comes into the tent and everyone who is in the tent will be contaminated seven days. Num … Continue reading

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contaminated by death

devotions from Jefferson Vann # 2322 Numbers 19:1-13 Num 19:1 Then Yahveh spoke to Moses and to Aaron, and this is what he said, Num 19:2 “This is the prescription of the law that Yahveh has commanded: Tell the people … Continue reading

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avoid any dead souls

Leviticus 21:9-12 Lev 21:9 And the daughter of any priest, if she profanes herself by whoring, profanes her father; she will be burned with fire. Lev 21:10 “The priest who is most influential among his brothers, on whose head the … Continue reading

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something wrong with normal

Leviticus 15:31-33 Lev 15:31 “Thus you will keep the people of Israel separate from their contamination, or else they die in their contamination by contaminating my tabernacle that is in their midst.” Lev 15:32 This is the law for him … Continue reading

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beyond personal

Leviticus 15:28-30 Lev 15:28 But if she is cleansed of her discharge, she will count for herself seven days, and after that she will be clean. Lev 15:29 And on the eighth day she will take two turtledoves or two … Continue reading

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