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Ebal’s altar

Ebal’s altar Joshua 8:30-35 (JDV) Joshua 8:30 At that time Joshua built an altar on Mount Ebal to Yahveh, the God of Israel, Joshua 8:31 just like Moses Yahveh’s servant had commanded the Israelites. He built it according to what … Continue reading

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Ai’s smoke

Ai’s smoke Joshua 8:18-29 (JDV) Joshua 8:18 Then Yahveh said to Joshua, “Hold out the javelin in your hand toward Ai, because I will hand the city over to you.” So Joshua held out his javelin toward it. Joshua 8:19 … Continue reading

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what the king didn’t know

what the king didn’t know Joshua 8:14-17 (JDV) Joshua 8:14 When the king of Ai saw the Israelites, the men of the city hurried and went out early in the morning so that he and all his people could engage … Continue reading

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night with the troops

night with the troops Joshua 8:9-13 (JDV) Joshua 8:9 So Joshua sent them out, and they went to the ambush site and waited between Bethel and Ai, to the west of Ai. But he spent that night with the troops.Joshua … Continue reading

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the second confidence

the second confidence Joshua 8:3-8 (JDV) Joshua 8:3 So Joshua and all the troops set out to attack Ai. Joshua selected thirty thousand of his ablest soldiers and sent them out at night. Joshua 8:4 He commanded them: “Pay attention. … Continue reading

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not the time

not the time Joshua 8:1-2 (JDV) Joshua 8:1 Yahveh said to Joshua, “Do not be afraid or discouraged. Take all the troops with you and go attack Ai. Notice, I have handed over to you the king of Ai, his … Continue reading

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valley of cutting off

valley of cutting off Joshua 7:22-26 (JDV) Joshua 7:22 So Joshua sent messengers who ran to the tent, and there was the cloak, concealed in his tent, with the silver underneath. Joshua 7:23 They took the things from inside the … Continue reading

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the shame of selfishness

the shame of selfishness Joshua 7:16-21 (JDV) Joshua 7:16 Joshua got up early the next morning. He had Israel come forward tribe by tribe, and the tribe of Judah was selected. Joshua 7:17 He had the clans of Judah come … Continue reading

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loser lottery

loser lottery Joshua 7:14-15 (JDV) Joshua 7:14 In the morning, present yourselves tribe by tribe. The tribe Yahveh selects is to come forward clan by clan. The clan Yahveh selects is to come forward family by family. The family Yahveh … Continue reading

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disabled warfare

disabled warfare Joshua 7:12-13 (JDV) Joshua 7:12 This is why the Israelites cannot stand against their enemies. They will turn their backs and run from their enemies, because they have been set apart for destruction. I will no longer be … Continue reading

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