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valley of cutting off

valley of cutting off Joshua 7:22-26 (JDV) Joshua 7:22 So Joshua sent messengers who ran to the tent, and there was the cloak, concealed in his tent, with the silver underneath. Joshua 7:23 They took the things from inside the … Continue reading

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disabled warfare

disabled warfare Joshua 7:12-13 (JDV) Joshua 7:12 This is why the Israelites cannot stand against their enemies. They will turn their backs and run from their enemies, because they have been set apart for destruction. I will no longer be … Continue reading

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standing up against sin

standing up against sin Joshua 7:10-11 (JDV) Joshua 7:10 Yahveh then said to Joshua, “Stand up! Why have you fallen facedown? Joshua 7:11 Israel has failed. They have violated my covenant that I appointed for them. They have taken some … Continue reading

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first reaction

first reaction Joshua 7:6-9 (JDV) Joshua 7:6 Then Joshua tore his clothes and fell facedown to the ground before the ark of Yahveh until evening, as did the elders of Israel; they all put dust on their heads. Joshua 7:7 … Continue reading

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David saw the future

David saw the future Psalm 68:1-3 (JDV) Psalm 68:1 God will arise. His enemies will scatter, and those who hate him will flee from his presence. Psalm 68:2 As smoke is blown away, so you blow them away. As wax … Continue reading

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war inside

war inside Psalm 51:5-6 (JDV) Psalm 51:5 Notice, I was guilty when I was born; I was sinful when my mother conceived me. Psalm 51:6 Notice, you desire integrity in the inner self, and you teach me wisdom deep within. … Continue reading

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losing God

losing God Psalm 51:3-4 (JDV) Psalm 51:3 You see, I am aware of my rebellion, and my sin is always in front of me. 12 Superscription: For the choir director. A psalm of David, when the prophet Nathan came to … Continue reading

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confession 101

Psalm 51:1-2 (JDV) Psalm 51:11 Show favor to me, God, according to your covenant faithfulness; according to your abundant compassion, erase my rebellion. Psalm 51:2 Completely wash away my guilt and cleanse me from my failure. Our first course in … Continue reading

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stuck in the mud

stuck in the mud Jeremiah 38:1-13 (JDV) Jeremiah 38:1 Shephatiah son of Mattan, Gedaliah son of Pashhur, Jucal son of Shelemiah, and Pashhur son of Malchijah heard the words Jeremiah was speaking to all the people:Jeremiah 38:2 “This is what … Continue reading

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battle horse

battle horse Jeremiah 8:4-17 (JDV) Jeremiah 8:4 “You are to say to them: This is what Yahveh says: Do people fall and not get up again? If they turn away, do they not turn back? Jeremiah 8:5 Why have these … Continue reading

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