IMG_20150322_164536I am Jefferson Vann, a pastor and former missionary from the United States, having served in the  Philippines and New Zealand.  I have been posting my personal daily devotions on this site since 2010.  There are thousands of devotional posts here.  I started by reading through the ESV Study Bible, and then when I finished that, I started translating a text from the original Hebrew or Greek each day.

Bookmark this site for a fresh look at a text of scripture every day.

I put a subscription widget on this site for those who would like to get the devotions by email. Just look at the bottom left to sign up for an email subscription. Click that, and if it asks for your email address, provide it. Then each new post to the devotions site will go to your email.

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  1. Daniel White says:

    i have visited your website while im searching for my homework.This is really useful article.i have discovered on website about Ephesus.Could you please let me know if you know similar websites?

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