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wild dogs

Psalm 59 I heard their barking, and it was incessant.  I knew I could not get any sleep with this pack of wild dogs howling and growling and fighting outside my house all night long.  So, I decided to do … Continue reading

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only one

2 Chronicles 32 Sennacharib could not understand the mind of Hezekiah.  As king, he could not see the strategy behind Hezekiah ordering the destruction of all of the other gods and closing all the altars except those in the temple … Continue reading

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LORD, intervene

Psalm 58 The psalmist is not content leaving the people in the hands of the gods who seem to be ruling on earth.  He asks God to step in and bring righteousness and justice.  The gods are letting the wicked … Continue reading

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more than enough

2 Chronicles 31 Those who have been involved in ministry management know how disheartening it is to always be checked by the bottom line.  When we get in our minds that something should be done, it hurts to learn that … Continue reading

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the choice of faith

Psalm 57 The beauty of psalms like this is that they are worship in the midst of pleas for help.  These are not the words of someone who lives above the dangers and trials of life.  They are the words … Continue reading

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skipping steps

2 Chronicles 30 Getting the Passover celebration reinstituted took some adjustment.  Hezekiah prayed that the LORD would look beyond the bending of a few of the rules, so that those who wanted to reconnect with God would not be punished … Continue reading

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our tears in his bottle

Psalm 56 David did not glide through life without challenges and troubles.  He had numerous enemies, and his life was in danger constantly.  He comforted himself not in the idea that God was going to help him overcome his problems … Continue reading

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where reform begins

2 Chronicles 29 The temple had been a barometer of the people‚Äôs spiritual condition, so it was only logical that Hezekiah began his reforms by cleansing the temple.  Let us not forget that another Jewish prophet would speak out symbolically … Continue reading

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oil and butter

Psalm 55 David used oil and butter as similes to describe the smoothness and softness of the speech of his former friend. Those soft words were swords.  The former friend betrayed him, and sought his destruction.  He now casts that … Continue reading

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yet more faithless

2 Chronicles 28 Ahaz was so determined to reject the LORD that when things got worse for him and his kingdom, he became yet more faithless.  He had reasoned that the victors in the battles of the day must have … Continue reading

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