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it’s a wonderful life

Job 42:7-17 Job’s restoration begins when God intercedes, and the first thing to be restored is his relationship with those three therapists.  Job takes the upper hand and prays for them.  This is more than simply a vindication of Job’s … Continue reading

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best guesses

Job 40:6-42:6 The LORD first challenges Job, and Job quickly repents and submits.  While Job was right to defend himself, he really did not understand God enough to explain what was happening to him.  God describes two powerful creatures, showing … Continue reading

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greater wisdom

Job 39:1-40:5 The LORD reminds Job of all those ways of the animal world – both wild and tame, that are beyond the scientific enquiry of humans.  There are some things that we are not meant to understand.  How God … Continue reading

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Job 38 The LORD comes on the scene in a dramatic and powerful way.  All this time, he had been waiting for the experts on him to finish their babbling.  Now he takes center stage and confronts Job with his … Continue reading

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wondrous works

Job 36:22-37:24 Elihu insists that God always works wondrous works.  the last thing that he expects is that God would sit on the sidelines and wait.  But that is what the God of wonders does for Job.  The wonder God … Continue reading

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Job 36:1-21 Elihu assumes that God only works in one way and for one reason.  He fails to see the big picture that revealed why Job was suffering.  He was guilty of theological myopia. LORD, forgive us for being so … Continue reading

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defending God

Job 34-35 Elihu insists that God must be in the right, therefore Job must have wronged someone for God to bring this suffering upon him.  He feels he must say this in order to defend God.  Believers need to be … Continue reading

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is God speaking?

Job 33 Elihu spoke calming words in spite of the fact that he was angry at everyone.  He wanted Job to see his calamity as God’s attempt to rescue him.  God speaks through many means, and sometimes he uses misfortune … Continue reading

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having to say something

Job 32 Elihu enters the conversation as a young man who is frustrated.  His elders have let him down.  He thought for sure that their age (and their apparent good standing before God) would break Job of his stubborn refusal … Continue reading

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trial by implication

Job 31 Job’s therapists had not brought formal charges against him, but he fully understood their implications.  In his final appeal, Job answers those implied charges:   marital unfaithfulness – not guilty (1-4) theft of conspiracy to steal – not … Continue reading

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