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God left him to himself

2 Chronicles 32.  The chronicler has a unique perspective on why Hezekiah made the mistake of showing the Babylonian envoys his treasures. He says that “God left him to himself in order to test him and to know all that … Continue reading

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preparing for the mission

Exodus 2:23-3:22.  All the while Israel was groaning because of their slavery and crying out to God, the LORD was preparing Moses for the task of leading them out of Egypt.  The LORD taught Moses by having him raise a … Continue reading

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strange deliverance

Exodus 1:22-2:22.  This story begins with a birth, and ends with a birth.  Moses is born with a death sentence on his head. He is delivered by means of God’s sovereignty and the intervention of several women.  Pharaoh had commanded … Continue reading

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the gospel on trial

Acts 25:1-26:32.  During his two years in prison at Caesarea, Paul had opportunity to defend his actions against the accusations of his Jewish antagonists.  In doing so, Paul makes it clear that the gospel message he has preached is really … Continue reading

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our tears in his bottle

Psalm 56.  David did not glide through life without challenges and troubles.  He had numerous enemies, and his life was in danger constantly.  He comforted himself not in the idea that God was going to help him overcome his problems … Continue reading

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his geographical will

Acts 21:17-23:11.  My Bible records the words of Jesus in red letters.  Reading through this text, it becomes quite clear that Paul goes where he goes because Jesus prompts him to do so. Jesus told him to go to Damascus … Continue reading

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enough is enough

2 Chronicles 28.  The Chronicler mentions three prominent leaders of the tribe of Ephraim who had the courage to stand up against the army of Israel.  The horrible king Ahaz had sent his army against his own kinsmen of Judah. … Continue reading

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unfinished business

Acts 20:17-21:16.  One of the down sides to apostolic ministry is that you are always starting things that someone else will have to finish. Loving the church leaders as he did, it would have been tempting to respond to their … Continue reading

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too big for his breeches

2 Chronicles 26.  Uzziah was a great man and a good king, because “he was marvelously helped, till he was strong” (15).  Then he got too big for his breeches. He usurped the right of the temple priests, and went … Continue reading

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just enough of Jesus

Acts 18:23-19:22.  Apollos had a problem.  Luke says that he could speak and teach accurately the things concerning Jesus, but he needed Priscilla and Aquila to explain to him more accurately the way of God – that is – the … Continue reading

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