just enough of Jesus

SDC12242 Acts 18:23-19:22.  Apollos had a problem.  Luke says that he could speak and teach accurately the things concerning Jesus, but he needed Priscilla and Aquila to explain to him more accurately the way of God – that is – the church.  The disciples in Ephesus that Paul encountered had a similar problem.  They knew about repentance from sin but had not yet committed themselves to Jesus’ kingdom and the ministry of the Holy Spirit within. The sons of Sceva wanted to have just enough of Jesus to continue practicing their own magic using his name. 

LORD, forgive us for wanting just enough of you to do our own thing in your name. Grant us surrender to the whole truth – the whole way.

About Jefferson Vann

Jefferson Vann is a former Christian missionary and a candidate for pastoral ministry. You can contact him at marmsky@gmail.com -- !
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