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trust in stressful times

1 Samuel 18 Things change in life, and often seem like they are spiraling out of control.  Such was the case with David and his relationship with king Saul.  David could do nothing right in Saul’s eyes.  His friendship with … Continue reading

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tested tools

1 Samuel 17 David refused to use Saul’s armor and weapon, not because they didn’t fit, but because he had not tested them in combat.  He had already seen violent confrontation, and was described as a man of war in … Continue reading

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1 Samuel 16 David was anointed – as it were – secretly, but already we see glimpses of the man of God that he is to become. His identity is not yet marked by his leadership skills, but by his … Continue reading

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leader lesson learned too late

1 Samuel 15 If you can get past the graphic violence in this chapter, you will read a leader lesson that Saul learned.  The people were under his charge. He had the responsibility under God to lead them on God’s … Continue reading

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1 Samuel 14 This chapter highlights the loyalty of the people in the early Israelite monarchy. Jonathan’s armor bearer tells him that he is with him, heart and soul (7). Some traitors returned to fight for Israel after Jonathan started … Continue reading

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waiting for Jesus

1 Samuel 13 Saul’s mistake was in assuming that he had the authority to set aside God’s revealed will because time was of the essence.  He was losing the confidence of the people because Samuel delayed.  So, he decided to … Continue reading

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into his hands

1 Samuel 12 Sometimes you can’t go back and start over.  The Israelites understood that they had sinned in asking for a king.  Saul was in place, so now they would have to live with it.  God did not remove … Continue reading

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the right man

1 Samuel 10:17-11:15 Perhaps if some look closely at this account they will find early chinks in Saul’s armor, but I see no major fault in his actions.  He is the king that the people asked for.  In fact, I … Continue reading

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adventures in failure

1 Samuel 9:1-10:16 It was a singular journey in which Saul and his companion set out to find his father’s lost donkeys, and failed.  But along the way Saul discovered Samuel, and was treated to a number of miracles and … Continue reading

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time for a king … or not

1 Samuel 8 The people were tired of how God was working out his will among them.  They wanted a king, and they demanded that Samuel appoint one.  The LORD told Samuel to relent and give them a king, and … Continue reading

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