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expectations and heaven’s king

  Matthew 9.  In this chapter, Matthew reveals how much Jesus challenged the status quo as he ministered in Capernaum.  He was not what people expected of the Messiah.  Questions emerged everywhere he went – some out of opposition, but … Continue reading

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the authority of heaven’s king

Matthew 8.  At the conclusion of his sermon on the mount, the crowds were astonished at the authority with which Jesus had taught (7:28-29).  Authority is the right to decide things.  It is the ability to make commands in a … Continue reading

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the easy way and heaven’s king

Matthew 7:13-29.  Jesus concludes his instructions to his disciples in his sermon on the mount with four figures of speech – all having to do with the dangers of counterfeit Christianity.   He talks about two ways of trying to … Continue reading

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others and heaven’s king

Matthew 7:1-12.  The theme that ties together the varied instructions in this section of the sermon on the mount is others.  The disciples will be tempted to look around at others and see their need for correction.  Jesus warns them … Continue reading

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trusting heaven’s king

Matthew 6:25-34.  This section of our Lord’s sermon on the mount resonates with God’s heart as revealed in the Old Testament.  Jesus pleads with his disciples not to make the mistake that Israel did under the Mosaic covenant.  The LORD … Continue reading

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treasures and heaven’s king

Matthew 6:19-24.  Jesus did not oppose his disciples having personal possessions, but he did warn them not to lay up treasures on earth.  He wants to prevent his followers from being possessed by their possessions.  There are three very practical … Continue reading

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religion and heaven’s king

Matthew 6:1-18.  Jesus did not oppose practicing acts of religious piety, but he warned his disciples not to practice them to gain a present “reward” (1,2,4,5,6,16,18).  There will be rewards in the future, but disciples should focus their attention on … Continue reading

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the scriptures and heaven’s king

Matthew 5:17-48.  Jesus taught his disciples to have a different attitude toward the Law and the Prophets (that is, the Old Testament scriptures)  (17).  He particularly warned them not to follow the path established by the scribes and Pharisees (20).  … Continue reading

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promises from heaven’s king

Matthew 5:1-16.  Christ’s message and ministry brought light to a dark land.  He now challenges his disciples to live up to that message by being salt and light so that others may see their good works.  What is the payoff?  … Continue reading

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light from heaven’s king

Matthew 4:12-25.  Jesus moved from his home town of Nazareth to the great city of Capernaum.  From there he launched his year-long great Galilean ministry.  The region had a reputation of spiritual darkness and physical danger.  It was the perfect … Continue reading

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