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against you only

Psalm 51.  This prayer by David has given exegetes some trouble.  David is aware of his crimes against Uriah the Hittite, whom he has killed,  and Bathsheba, with whom he commits adultery. He agonizes over his sins and fears the … Continue reading

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some strange things

Acts 17:16-34.  Many people today are like those Athenians who spent their time “in nothing except telling or hearing something new.” Paul picked up on this curiosity and presented the gospel to them like this: 1) The God you do … Continue reading

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you who forget God

Psalm 50. The LORD is aware of hypocrisy and wickedness among his own people. Asaph brilliantly shows this by presenting God as the judge who summons the earth to witness the charges he brings against those who claim him as … Continue reading

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my riddle

Psalm 49.  What does one do when he is treated unfairly by someone so wealthy and powerful that he fears no human law or justice? This is the riddle that the sons of Korah pose in psalm 49. The answer … Continue reading

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with no one’s regret

2 Chronicles 21.  One of the saddest statements about anyone found in the scriptures is the epitaph for Jehoram. His short reign in Jerusalem resulted in the Lord judging him by inciting rebellion among his subjects, war with his enemies, … Continue reading

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family love

Genesis 43.  This moving story of Joseph’s second encounter with his brothers reveals what has been going on in Joseph’s heart since they sold him into slavery.  You would expect Joseph to have harbored bitterness and hatred in his heart. … Continue reading

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Acts 13-14.  Both these chapters record the missionary work of Paul and his companions, but a shift in emphasis is clearly seen. Chapter 13 focuses mainly on Paul’s attempt to reach the Jewish population of the Gentile cities he visits. … Continue reading

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blessing lessons

Gen. 41:37-57.  How should a believer respond when the troubles stop and the blessings come?  Often we forget God when there is money in the bank account and our needs no longer overwhelm us. We should learn the lesson from … Continue reading

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the worrier’s psalm

Psalm 46 is not a psalm for the warrior, but a psalm for the worrier. It’s for those of us that tend to be overwhelmed by anxiety when trouble comes. The sons of Korah highlight two different kinds of worry … Continue reading

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no excuses

Acts 11:19-30.  The book of Acts records three missionary journeys taken by the apostle Paul, but this passage relates a summary of four missionary journeys taken before them. First, some undisclosed disciples from Cyprus and Cyrene spread the gospel among … Continue reading

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