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don’t forget

don’t forget Psalm 50:22-23 (JDV) Psalm 50:22 “Understand this, you who forget God, or I will tear you apart, and there will be no one to rescue you. Psalm 50:23 Whoever sacrifices a thank offering appreciates me, and whoever orders … Continue reading

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are we hypocrites?

are we hypocrites? Psalm 50:16-21 (JDV) Psalm 50:16 But God says to the wicked: “What right do you have to recite my prescriptions and to take my covenant on your lips? Psalm 50:17 You hate instruction and toss my words … Continue reading

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what God will not do

what God will not do Psalm 50:7-15 (JDV) Psalm 50:7 “Listen, my people, and I will speak; I will testify against you, Israel. I am God, your God. Psalm 50:8 I do not rebuke you because of your sacrifices or … Continue reading

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he judges us

he judges us Psalm 50:4-6 (JDV) Psalm 50:4 On high, he summons the sky and the land in order to judge his people: Psalm 50:5 “Gather my faithful ones to me, those who made a covenant with me by sacrifice.” … Continue reading

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radiance, fire and storm

radiance, fire and storm Psalm 50:1-3 (JDV) Psalm 50:1[1] The God of gods, Yahveh, speaks; he summons the land from the rising of the sun to its setting. Psalm 50:2 From Zion, the perfection of beauty, God appears in radiance. … Continue reading

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the cattle on a thousand hills

Psalm 50 It has been popular among the ranks of evangelical Christians to encourage people who have financial needs to ask God because he owns “the cattle on a thousand hills.”  That quote comes from this psalm, and it was … Continue reading

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you who forget God

Psalm 50. The LORD is aware of hypocrisy and wickedness among his own people. Asaph brilliantly shows this by presenting God as the judge who summons the earth to witness the charges he brings against those who claim him as … Continue reading

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