the second confidence

Joshua - 1

the second confidence

Joshua 8:3-8 (JDV)

Joshua 8:3 So Joshua and all the troops set out to attack Ai. Joshua selected thirty thousand of his ablest soldiers and sent them out at night.
Joshua 8:4 He commanded them: “Pay attention. Lie in ambush behind the city, not too far from it, and all of you be ready.
Joshua 8:5 Then I and all the people who are with me will approach the city. When they come out against us as they did the first time, we will run from them.
Joshua 8:6 They will come after us until we have drawn them away from the city, because they will say, ‘They are running from us like before.’ While we are running from them,
Joshua 8:7 you are to come out of your ambush and seize the city. Yahveh your God will hand it over to you.
Joshua 8:8 After taking the city, set it on fire. Follow Yahveh’s command – see that you do as I have ordered you.”

the second confidence

Joshua and his soldiers had been confident in attacking Ai before, and it had resulted in death and shame. Now, they come against the city again, with a new confidence, not based on their numbers or the presumed weakness of their opponents, but on their relationship with God. Joshua’s words were not “you can handle this” but “Yahveh your God will hand it over to you.”

Lord, draw us first to yourself, then give us the confidence of knowing you will give us victory.

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