Joseph: the legacy of Israel


Genesis 47:27-48:22

In his parting days, Jacob seeks a promise from Joseph that he would not be buried in Egypt. He knows that their stay in Egypt was God’s will, but only his temporary will. Later he blessed Joseph’s two sons, giving the greater blessing to Ephraim, and he also bequeaths a mountain slope in the promised land to Joseph’s tribes. Jacob was able to see beyond his own death to the lasting spiritual legacy he would leave.

LORD, grant it for us to leave a spiritual legacy among our children and others we influence.


A comment:

Good morning Jeff:

I have a question for you. I am enjoying your daily devotionals through Genesis. Let me ask this question: We generally see Joseph as a very righteous person, a type of Christ in many ways. But what do you think about the fact that as the drought went on for years, as we see in this chapter 47, he eventually took all the money and lands of all the people and eventually took the people as slaves of Pharaoh? Do you see anything wrong with this action, making the people into slaves, which of course would later be the case for his descendants? I look forward to your thoughts.




In hindsight, we can look back and see that some of the things Joseph did might have opened the door to problems for Israel later on, but the Bible is clear that Joseph never intended those consequences.  We cannot be responsible for unintended consequences.  In retrospect, even the slavery of Israel turned out for God’s glory, because God used his deliverance of his people for his glory.  I think that is the perspective Moses wanted the Israelites to get from Genesis.



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