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the stalemate

Isaiah 64:7-12 7 There is no one calling on your name, or stirring himself to take hold of you; because you have hidden your face from us, and have delivered us into the hand we deserve for our iniquity. 8 … Continue reading

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none will miss her mate

Isaiah 34:12-17 12 Its nobles–but no kingdom is there–will call, and all its princes will be nothing. 13 And thorns will go up her citadel fortress, weed and thistle plant in her fortresses; and it will be a settlement of … Continue reading

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the right way

Isaiah 28:23-29 23 Pay attention, and listen to my voice! Listen alertly, and hear my word! 24 Does the plowman plow all day at planting time – while the land is open to sow seed, does he still harrow his … Continue reading

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baby talk

Isaiah 28:7-15 7 And these also wobble because of wine and stagger because of strong drink; priest and prophet stagger because of strong drink; they are swallowed by wine. They stagger because of strong drink; they err in vision. They … Continue reading

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the end of sin

Isaiah 66 The prophet’s words end with a mixture of hope and horror.  While God is calling his own, and all the nations to himself, he is also warning that “those slain by the LORD shall be many.”  The devouring … Continue reading

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bloody garments

Isaiah 63-64 There is only one Messiah.  He is a fearful king, whose coming will mean such slaughter of God’s enemies that he is pictured as having his robe covered in their lifeblood.  Yet, this same Messiah is the only … Continue reading

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Isaiah 61-62 Anyone who has ever known the cruelty and heartache of divorce can feel the message of Isaiah here.  The LORD promises to un-forsake his people.  He has not abandoned them.  He tells them to get ready for his … Continue reading

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Isaiah 60 The land and people known for being afflicted, forsaken and hated will experience a reversal.  It (and they) will be restored, beloved, and made beautiful and prosperous.  In fact, the land and people of God will be made … Continue reading

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his own arm

Isaiah 59 His nation was full of blind transgressors whose sins had separated themselves from him.  So, God picks up his own armor, and brings redemption himself.  This is the message of Romans 1-3.  It is the story of a … Continue reading

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gathering others besides

Isaiah 56-57 The LORD promises to heal the faithless backslider, and he also promises to gather others to him besides those already gathered.  The sojourning foreigner and the eunuchs who attach themselves to Israel and the covenant will find a … Continue reading

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