none will miss her mate

May 2015 (13)Isaiah 34:12-17

12 Its nobles–but no kingdom is there–will call, and all its princes will be nothing. 13 And thorns will go up her citadel fortress, weed and thistle plant in her fortresses; and it will be a settlement of jackals, green grass for daughters of an ostrich. 14 And desert creatures will meet with hyenas, and a goat-demon will call to his neighbour; surely there Lilith[1] will sleep, and she will find a resting place for herself. 15 There an owl will nest and lay and hatch and care for her chicks in her shadow; surely there birds of prey will be gathered, each one beside her mate. 16 Seek from the book of Yahveh and call out the text: none of these will be missing; none will miss her mate. For my mouth has commanded, and his spirit has gathered them. 17 And he has cast a lot for them, and his hand has apportioned it to them with the measuring line; they will take possession of it forever, they will live in it first one generation then another generation.

none will miss her mate

Isaiah challenges us from his standpoint in the past. He tells us who live in his distant future to call out (read) his words, and check for their fulfilment. He speaks of the predictions as if they were female animals, and says that none will miss her mate. In other words, each thing predicted will find its fulfilment. We know now how absolutely right he was. But Isaiah lived long before these things came about. His assurance that each of his predictions would be fulfilled was the assurance of faith.

The Christian believer today makes a number of faith statements about God, about Christ, and about the future. Until Christ returns, most of those things will just be faith statements. Even many of our prayers will seem to fall on deaf ears. What motivates us to keep making faith statements. Just like Isaiah, our confidence is outside ourselves. Our confidence is in the eternal God. Even if most our assertions today seem to be without their companions, we keep affirming what God said. He will be proven true, and so will we.

LORD, give us the courage to believe what you have said, regardless of how long it might take to prove it. We know you are faithful to your word, and to your people.

[1] possibly a proper name for a Mesopotamian night-demon.


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