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ignoring the evidence

Isaiah 45:20-25 20 Gather together and come! Approach together, you refugees from the nations! Those who carry wooden idols know nothing, those who pray to a god that cannot deliver. 21 Inform me! Present the evidence! Let them consult with … Continue reading

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here’s my right hand

Isaiah 45:1-19 1 This is what Yahveh says to his chosen one, to Cyrus, whose right hand I hold in order to restrain nations before him, and disarm kings, to open doors before him, so gates remain unclosed: 2 “I … Continue reading

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why missions will succeed

Isaiah 45 Isaiah was one of the first to predict that people from all over the world would come to the LORD and be saved. In this passage he tells us why this will happen. Missions will succeed because of … Continue reading

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taking Cyrus by the hand

Isaiah 45.  The great empire of Babylon — that impenetrable fortress that conquered the earth — was itself to be conquered.  The prophet not only knew that this was going to happen, he knew how it was to happen . … Continue reading

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