the servant who laboured in vain

SDC11939 Isaiah 49:1-7.  Here is a prediction of a peculiar type. The prophet looks into the future and sees a man who was formed by the LORD in his mother’s womb (5) and called and named while in the womb (1).  His purpose was to bring Jacob back to the LORD, and to gather Israel to him.

But he apparently fails in the task. He laments “I have laboured in vain” (4).  But the LORD reassures him that his labour was not in vain. The original mission was too light — too insignificant for this Servant. Instead the LORD will make him a light for the nations, that God’s salvation may reach to the end of the earth (6).

LORD, when things get hard, and we feel like failures, help us to stay committed to the task. We might be accomplishing more than we think!

About Jefferson Vann

Jefferson Vann is a former Christian missionary and a candidate for pastoral ministry. You can contact him at -- !
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