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the city with twelve gates

Ezekiel 47:13-48:35 The vision and book concludes with a detailed description of the whole land, with its territories equally divided among the tribes of Israel, and with Gentile sojourners as incorporated within the nation.  Only one city is seen: the … Continue reading

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water flowing to the sea

Ezekiel 47:1-12 Water trickles out of the temple, but as it flows, it gets deeper.  That water brings life and health to all it touches, salts the earth, produces many fish, and abundant fruit.  Every image of this vision is … Continue reading

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crowd control

Ezekiel 46 The ESV Study Bible says that the regulation concerning entrance and exit of the temple courts may be merely for crowd control, but suggests that it probably has some deeper significance.  My guess is that the LORD is … Continue reading

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a people of purpose

Ezekiel 45 The vision involves incredible detail because Ezekiel’s task is to reorient the people toward thinking of themselves as God’s representatives.  The new temple will matter; the princes of Israel will be significant; the Passover celebration will be important.  … Continue reading

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holiness and loyalty

Ezekiel 44 The Zadokite priests had to remain holy, and were not allowed “normal” jobs and activities.  The LORD himself was their inheritance.  Their lives revolved around temple worship.  They were to be a sign to the people of the … Continue reading

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consecration week

Ezekiel 43 The altar in the new temple required a week of consecration before the worship sacrifices could begin.  Atonement always precedes worship.  The cross always precedes worship.  Someone had to pay the price for our sins before we could … Continue reading

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new again

Ezekiel 41-42 Ezekiel continues his tour of the new temple that appears to him in a vision.   No part of it is excluded from him.  He even gets to view the Most Holy Place, a room he has been forbidden … Continue reading

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touring the new temple

Ezekiel 40 In a previous vision, Ezekiel had seen the corruption of his people by touring the temple.  Now, Ezekiel is given a tour of a new temple, and only sees beauty, order, and magnificence.  The restored temple represents a … Continue reading

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seven years free fuel

Ezekiel 39 The complete and utter destruction of the armies of Magog and the alliance of nations against Israel results in a great feast for the birds of the air, seven months defilement of the borderlands, and seven years free … Continue reading

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bad news for Magog

Ezekiel 38 Long after the battles and judgments described elsewhere in his book, another battle and another judgment will occur.  Gog, of the land of Magog will gather an alliance of nations and seek to attack God’s people, as they … Continue reading

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