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sparrow envy

sparrow envy Psalm 84:1-4 (JDV) Psalm 84:1 How loved is your dwelling place, Yahveh of Armies. Psalm 84:2 My throat longs and yearns for the courts of Yahveh; my heart and flesh cry out for the living God. Psalm 84:3 … Continue reading

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distracted prayers

distracted prayers 1 Thessalonians 1:1-4 (JDV) 1 Thessalonians 1:1 Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy: To the congregation of the Thessalonians in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Favor to you and peace. 1 Thessalonians 1:2 We are always thanking … Continue reading

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praise from the peoples

praise from the peoples Psalm 67:3-5 (JDV) Psalm 67:3 The peoples will praise you, God; all the peoples will praise you. Psalm 67:4 The nations will rejoice and shout for joy, because you judge the peoples with fairness and lead … Continue reading

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only a smile

Psalm 67:1-2 (JDV) Psalm 67:1 May God show favor to us and empower us; may he make his face shine upon us. Selah. Psalm 67:2 – so that your way may be known on the land, your salvation among all … Continue reading

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make honor his praise

make honor his praise Psalm 66:1-2 (JDV) Psalm 66:1 Let the whole land shout joyfully to God!Psalm 66:2 Sing about the honor due his name; make honor his praise. make honor his praise The land here in this psalm is … Continue reading

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ritual of respect

ritual of respect Psalm 63:3-7 (JDV) Psalm 63:3 My lips will glorify you because your covenant faithfulness is better than life. Psalm 63:4 So I will bless you as long as I live; when you are named, I will lift … Continue reading

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many generations

many generations Psalm 61:5-8 (JDV) Psalm 61:5 God, you have heard my vows; you have given a heritage to those who fear your name.Psalm 61:6 Add days to the king’s life; may his years span many generations.Psalm 61:7 May he … Continue reading

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afterwards Psalm 59:16-17 (JDV) Psalm 59:16 But I will sing of your strength and will joyfully proclaim your covenant faithfulness in the morning, because you have been a stronghold for me, a refuge in my day of trouble. Psalm 59:17 … Continue reading

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alarm clock

alarm clock Psalm 57:8-11 (JDV) Psalm 57:8 Wake up, my throat! Wake up, harp and lyre! I will wake up the dawn. Psalm 57:9 I will praise you, Lord, among the peoples; I will sing praises to you among the … Continue reading

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reacting to betrayal

reacting to betrayal Psalm 52:1-4 (JDV) Psalm 52:1 Why brag about evil, you hero! God’s covenant faithfulness is constant. Psalm 52:2 Like a sharpened razor, your tongue creates destruction, producing betrayal. Psalm 52:3 You love evil instead of good, lying … Continue reading

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