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offended by Jesus?

Luke 7. The centurion at Capernaum was honoured to be prayed for by Jesus; he did not even feel worthy for Jesus to visit his home. The inhabitants of Nain were in awe and fear of Jesus and proclaimed him … Continue reading

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successful leadership

1 Chronicles 11.  David showed three signs of successful godly leadership. He had the LORD’s appointment as demonstrated by his anointing. He had the recognition of the people as demonstrated by their following him into the conquest of Jebus. He … Continue reading

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let us build a city

Gen. 11.  Babel was humanity’s chance to make something of themselves — outside of God’s plan.  The words we read here are seen by the humanist as those of a frightened god, afraid that his creatures will live up to … Continue reading

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the hidden God

Psalm 10. To the wicked person, God is hidden. The wicked person acts like an atheist. He ignores God’s judgments and assumes his own immortality. He does what he can get away with. To the righteous person, this is an … Continue reading

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