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preparing for his presence

Psalm 24.  The ESV Study Bible notes: “This psalm seems fitted for some liturgical occasion, perhaps one that celebrates the way that David brought the ark of the Lord into Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6); this would explain the interest in … Continue reading

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rejoice with me!

Luke 15.  Once again, Jesus is being called to task because of the people he chooses to hang around. One can hear the low growl in the voices of those Pharisees and scribes as they spit out “This man receives … Continue reading

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we forgot something!

Genesis 22.  The wood for a sacrifice offering rested firmly upon his back, making it a bit difficult to climb Mt. Moriah, but Isaac did not complain to his father about that. He knew how important it was for he … Continue reading

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his rod and his staff

Psalm 23.  David describes the LORD as his tender, the one who looks after him. The LORD guides him so that he goes down the right paths. The LORD makes sure he gets to the green pastures where he can … Continue reading

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prior commitments

Luke 14.  Jesus encounters a group of people who are interested in him, but whose prior commitments to traditions keep them from entering his kingdom.  He responds to this problem by giving advice and telling  stories. The advice about a … Continue reading

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access to all, resistance by many

Luke 13:10-35.  A synagogue ruler’s opposes a healing in his own place of worship. Pharisees try to get Jesus to leave their territory. And sandwiched in between all this Jesus described the kingdom as leaven in three measures of flour, … Continue reading

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a generation’s doom

Luke 12:49-13:9.  Jesus knew not only that he was going to suffer a violent baptism (the cross), but also that the entire generation in which he lived would be under judgment. That generation would be torn apart by division among … Continue reading

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preparing for the future

Luke 12:13-48.  The rich fool thought he was getting ready for the future, but he was merely laying up treasure for someone else to enjoy (13-21). The nations of the world think they are preparing for the future by worrying … Continue reading

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leaving the city

Genesis 19.  Lot’s wife looked behind her at the cities God was destroying and she became a pillar of salt.  She was not the only one reluctant to leave her past life. Lot himself begged that God spare Zoar, and … Continue reading

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listen, obey, be transformed

Psalm 19.  The believer can hear the voice of God in nature (1-6). The supernatural is possible, but not necessary. The believer can enjoy the treasures of God in scripture (7-11). What appears to be bondage to law to some … Continue reading

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