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celebrating his victories

  Psalm 35:27-28 Psalm 35:27 Let those who treasure my vindication give a ringing cry and be happy; let them continually say, “Yahveh be exalted. He treasures his servant’s well-being.” Psalm 35:28 And my tongue will proclaim your righteousness, your … Continue reading

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intolerable situations

  Psalm 35:22-26 Psalm 35:22 You saw it, Yahveh; do not be silent. Lord, do not be far from me. Psalm 35:23 Wake up and rise to my defense, to my dispute, my God and my Lord! Psalm 35:24 Vindicate … Continue reading

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a challenge to dig deeper

  Psalm 35:17-21 Psalm 35:17 Lord, how long will you look on? Rescue my throat from their ravages; it is abandoned to the young lions. Psalm 35:18 I will praise you in the great assembly; I will exalt you among … Continue reading

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brutal chickens

Psalm 35:11-16 Psalm 35:11 Malicious witnesses come forward; they question me about things I do not know. Psalm 35:12 They repay me evil for good, making my soul desolate. Psalm 35:13 Yet when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth; … Continue reading

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delighting in his rescue

  Psalm 35:9-10 Psalm 35:9 Then my throat will celebrate in Yahveh; I will delight in his rescue. Psalm 35:10 All my bones will say, “Yahveh, who is like you, rescuing the poor from one too strong for him, the … Continue reading

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trusting your enemies to God

  Psalm 35:4-8 Psalm 35:4 Let those who intend to take my soul be disgraced and humiliated; let those who plan to harm me be turned back and ashamed. Psalm 35:5 Let them be like chaff in the wind, with … Continue reading

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extra help

  Psalm 35:1-3 Psalm 35:11 Oppose my opponents, Yahveh; fight those who fight me. Psalm 35:2 Take your shield and standing shield and come to my aid. Psalm 35:3 Draw the spear and double axe against those who chase after … Continue reading

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fear class objectives

Psalm 34:19-22 Psalm 34:19 One who is righteous has many adversities, but Yahveh rescues him from them all. Psalm 34:20 He protects all his bones; not one of them is broken. Psalm 34:21 Evil brings death to the wicked, and … Continue reading

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scholastic attitude

  Psalm 34:15-18 Psalm 34:15 The eyes of Yahveh are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their cry for help. Psalm 34:16 The face of Yahveh is set against those who do what is evil, to remove … Continue reading

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fear lessons

  Psalm 34:11-14 Psalm 34:11 Come, children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of Yahveh. Psalm 34:12 Who is someone who treasures life, loving a long life to enjoy what is good? Psalm 34:13 Keep your tongue … Continue reading

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