giving up my rage

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Psalm 37:8-9

Psalm 37:8 Refrain from anger and give up your rage; do not be furious – it can only bring harm

Psalm 37:9 because evildoers will be destroyed, but those who put their hope in Yahveh will inherit the land.

giving up my rage

Okay, here we go again. I don’t plan these passages. They just come in sequence. But I opened today’s text and this is what I encountered. And I have been angry all morning.

There are three reasons that the LORD is telling ME to stop being angry here. All three of those reasons apply to my particular situation. So, here is how the message of this text applies to me today.

  1. My anger has been bringing harm to me and those I encounter. It has not helped me. I need to let it go because it is harmful, not helpful.
  2. I have been treated unfairly by many – some who thought they were doing the right thing, others who have intentionally done wrong. But this passage tells me that God is going to eventually sort that all out. He is going to destroy evildoers. That’s not my job; it’s his. My anger is not necessary for justice to be done.
  3. I may be frustrated with what is going on right now, but if I belong to God, I will eventually see total satisfaction. In biblical terms – I will inherit the land. Eternity is certain, and my anger has no part to play in that destiny.

Lord, forgive me for feeling anger. I choose to give it up. I choose to let you fight my battles.

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