loaded letters

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loaded letters

1 Timothy 1:1-2 (JDV)

1 Timothy 1:1 Paul, a missionary of Christ Jesus by the command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope:
1 Timothy 1:2 To Timothy, my true son in the faith. Favor, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.

loaded letters

We should be careful not to draw too much from a mere salutation, but it is hard to follow that rule in Paul’s letters. He fills his salutations with such deliberate wording that it is hard not to stop and analyze each word.

  • Paul identifies himself with the task he was called to. An apostle is a person sent from a superior with a message. I use the word missionary because I think it denotes the kind of relationship and task that Paul was describing.
  • Paul addresses Timothy as more than just a coworker. He had helped disciple this man. He was concerned that Timothy become all that God meant him to become, and not get sidetracked or deceived.
  • Paul was a man of prayer, and his prayers overflowed into his daily work. We should not be surprised that his letters contain prayers.

Paul’s letters were deliberate. Even their salutations — were loaded with content.

LORD, make us people who make every moment count for you.
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