a law of grace

Joshua - 1

a law of grace

Joshua 20:1-3 (JDV)

Joshua 20:1 Then Yahveh spoke to Joshua,
Joshua 20:2 “Tell the Israelites: Select your cities of refuge, like I instructed you through Moses,
Joshua 20:3 so that a person who kills someone unintentionally or accidentally may escape to there. These will be your refuge from the avenger of blood.

a law of grace

The Lord could have simply outlawed murder, and left the Israelites to sort out the mess. But he knew what was in the hearts of these people. He knew the desire for revenge would grip anyone who experience a tragic loss. He also knew that there would be many who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and would suffer the consequences of an accident.

The cities of refuge show us that there is not always a sharp distinction between law and grace. God’s laws spring from his justice, but some of them are also examples of his kindness and care.

Thank you Lord for your kindness, reflected in your holy law.

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