partnering to protect

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partnering to protect

Joshua 18:11-28 (JDV)

Joshua 18:11 The lot came up for the tribe of Benjamin’s descendants by their clans, and their allotted territory lay between Judah’s descendants and Joseph’s descendants.
Joshua 18:12 Their border on the north side began at the Jordan, went up to the slope of Jericho on the north, through the hill country westward, and ended at the wilderness around Beth-aven.
Joshua 18:13 From there the border went toward Luz, to the southern slope of Luz (that is, Bethel); it then went down by Ataroth-addar, over the hill south of Lower Beth-horon.
Joshua 18:14 On the west side, from the hill facing Beth-horon on the south, the border curved, turning southward, and ended at Kiriath-baal (that is, Kiriath-jearim), a city of the descendants of Judah. This was the west side of their border.
Joshua 18:15 The south side began at the edge of Kiriath-jearim, and the border extended westward; it went to the spring at the Waters of Nephtoah.
Joshua 18:16 The border descended to the foot of the hill that faces Ben Hinnom Valley at the northern end of Rephaim Valley. It ran down Hinnom Valley toward the south Jebusite slope and went down to En-rogel.
Joshua 18:17 It curved northward and went to En-shemesh and on to Geliloth, which is opposite the Ascent of Adummim, and continued down to the Stone of Bohan son of Reuben.
Joshua 18:18 Then it went north to the slope opposite the Arabah and proceeded into the plains.
Joshua 18:19 The border continued to the north slope of Beth-hoglah and ended at the northern bay of the Dead Sea, at the southern end of the Jordan. This was the southern border.
Joshua 18:20 The Jordan formed the border on the east side. This was the inheritance of Benjamin’s descendants, by their clans, according to its surrounding borders.
Joshua 18:21 These were the cities of the tribe of Benjamin’s descendants by their clans: Jericho, Beth-hoglah, Emek-keziz,
Joshua 18:22 Beth-arabah, Zemaraim, Bethel,
Joshua 18:23 Avvites, Parah, Ophrah,
Joshua 18:24 Chephar-ammoni, Ophni, and Geba– twelve cities, with their settlements;
Joshua 18:25 Gibeon, Ramah, Beeroth,
Joshua 18:26 Mizpeh, Chephirah, Mozah,
Joshua 18:27 Rekem, Irpeel, Taralah,
Joshua 18:28 Zela, Haeleph, Jebus (that is, Jerusalem), Gibeah, and Kiriath– fourteen cities, with their settlements. This was the inheritance for Benjamin’s descendants by their clans.

partnering to protect

What struck me as I read this is that the land which would eventually contain the holy city was allotted here to Benjamin. Apparently both Judah and Benjamin had responsibility for this land. It would take a powerful partnership to protect that place, that would become the nation’s capital.

Lord, show us how to partner for the protection and prosperity of the territory you call us to reach with the gospel.

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