jump start

Joshua - 1

jump start

Joshua 18:1-10 (JDV)

Joshua 18:1 The whole Israelite congregation assembled at Shiloh and set up the tent of meeting there. The land had been subdued before them,
Joshua 18:2 but seven tribes among the Israelites were left who had not divided up their inheritance.
Joshua 18:3 So Joshua asked the Israelites, “How long will you be lax about taking possession of the land that Yahveh, the God of your fathers, gave you?
Joshua 18:4 Appoint for yourselves three men from each tribe, and I will send them out. They are to go and survey the land, write a description of it for the purpose of their inheritance, and return to me.
Joshua 18:5 Then they are to divide it into seven portions. Judah is to remain in its territory in the south and Joseph’s family in their territory in the north.
Joshua 18:6 When you have written a description of the seven portions of land and brought it to me, I will cast lots for you here in front of Yahveh our God.
Joshua 18:7 But the Levites among you do not get a portion, because their inheritance is the priesthood of Yahveh. Gad, Reuben, and half the tribe of Manasseh have taken their inheritance beyond the Jordan to the east, which Moses Yahveh’s servant gave them.”
Joshua 18:8 As the men prepared to go, Joshua commanded them to write down a description of the land, saying, “Go and survey the land, write a description of it, and return to me. I will then cast lots for you here in Shiloh in front of Yahveh.”
Joshua 18:9 So the men left, went through the land, and described it by towns in a document of seven sections. They returned to Joshua at the camp in Shiloh.
Joshua 18:10 Joshua cast lots for them at Shiloh in front of Yahveh where he distributed the land to the Israelites according to their divisions.

jump start

There were seven tribes that had not yet started occupying their land. Joshua had to jump start their work, because they seem to be just waiting for somebody else to do something.

Our witnessing for Christ can be like that also. We can wait for the people to come to us, or we can divide up the territory and begin occupying the land. We get nowhere by just waiting for someone else to do something.

Coming King, jump start our hearts. Lead us to the territory you wish to reclaim.

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