four kitchens


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four kitchens

Ezekiel 46:21-24 (JDV)

Ezekiel 46:21 Next he brought me into the outer court and led me past its four corners. I noticed a separate court in each of its corners.
Ezekiel 46:22 In the four corners of the outer court there were enclosed courts, forty cubits long by thirty cubits wide. All four corner areas had the same dimensions.
Ezekiel 46:23 There was a stone wall around the inside of them, around the four of them, with ovens built at the base of the walls on all sides.
Ezekiel 46:24 He said to me: “These are the kitchens where those who minister at the house will cook the people’s sacrifices.”

four kitchens

Four corner kitchens in the outer court seem to hint at an expansion of the term “people” — to include those of all the nations. It fits the attitude our Savior reflected in his teachings, that the temple was to be a house of prayer for all nations, and that the gospel should be preached to all nations.

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