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Philippians 3:15 -21 (JDV)
Philippians 3:15 Then, let all of us who are mature think these thoughts. And if you think other thoughts about anything, God will reveal this also to you.
Philippians 3:16 In any case, we should be in line with whatever truth we have arrived at.
Philippians 3:17 Join in imitating me, brothers and sisters, and pay careful attention to those who live according to the example you have in us.
Philippians 3:18 You see, I have often told you, and now say again with tears, that many are living as enemies of the cross of Christ.
Philippians 3:19 Their end is destruction; their god is their stomach; their glory is in their shame. They are focused on things of the land,
Philippians 3:20 but our citizenship is in the sky, and we eagerly wait for a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Philippians 3:21 He will transform the body of our humble state into one like his glorious body, by the achieving energy that enables him to subject everything to himself.


There is a series of movies out in which the heroes are machines who transform themselves into (of all things) other machines. Paul encouraged the Philippians to think of themselves as transformers as well. He said that there are some among them that are trying to prevent the transformation. These are false teachers whose god is their own stomach. These are focused on the land — the present humble state, and they are enemies of the cross of Christ. They need to be avoided, and their teaching rejected.

But Paul encouraged the Philippians to stay true to the truth, and the Lord would transform them into something permanent. The others — the ones who are Christ’s enemies — will not become permanent. Their end is destruction.

Lord, we surrender to your power to keep us in your truth, and await our transformation at your return.

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