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staying diligent

QUIT YOUR LAZINESS AND COMPLAINING Ecclesiastes 10:18-20 18 Going soft makes the roof sag, and due to idle hands the house springs leaks. 19 People make bread for laughing times, and wine to gladden lives, and making money keeps us … Continue reading

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experience versus instinct

DISCIPLINE OR DISASTER Ecclesiastes 10:15-17 15 The work of stupid people gets him so tired that he does not know how to walk into town. 16 Disaster will come to you, O land, when your king is a novice and … Continue reading

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stupid snake charming

WATCH OUT FOR SMOOTH FLOWING WORDS Ecclesiastes 10:11-14 11 If the snake bites before being charmed, the charmer loses out on his profit. 12 Words from the mouth of a wise person exude grace, but the lips of a stupid … Continue reading

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working smarter

ARE YOU WAILING AWAY WITH A BLUNT AXE? Ecclesiastes 10:8-10 8 A person digging a pit may end up falling into it, and a snake might bite someone who breaks through a wall. 9 Someone cutting out stones may get … Continue reading

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murphy rules

WHAT TO DO WHEN IT GOES WRONG Ecclesiastes 10:4-7 4 If the ruler’s spirit turns against you, do not change your position, because calmness can overcome big mistakes. 5 There is an evil I have seen under the sun, like … Continue reading

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stupid weighs more

DON’T SPOIL IT ALL Ecclesiastes 10:1-3 1 Dead flies make even fragrant oil stink, in the same way, a little stupidity is weightier than wisdom and honour. 2 A wise person’s heart goes this way, but the stupid person’s heart … Continue reading

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dead flies and bad apples

Ecclesiastes 10 The Philosopher considers the reality of life that the wrong people in the wrong places, or the wrong choices at the wrong times – can lead to disaster.  It’s like dead flies in scented oil, or (to use … Continue reading

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